Harvesting Policy

Our log supplies are provided by logging companies certified to meet the highest standards in the industry. The certifications are by the International Standards Organization to meet ISO 14001 and by the Provincial CSA(Canadian Standards Association.) These groups are independent of the logging industry and certify safe logging practices and management of environmental standards.

Logging and forest management have changed a lot in the last ten years. In the Cariboo, where our logs are harvested, clear-cutting is thing of the past, and is done only rarely to curtail disease or insect infestations. All logging now leaves deciduous growth, riparian zones around streams and other special considerations for sensitive areas, and habitat trees for wildlife. Loggers are not allowed to disturb the ground or leave roads or tracks in most areas.

In British Columbia, good forest management has remained ahead of most regions in North America. More trees are planted than harvested for many, many years.